Quackers the Giant Duck

Friday 22nd September our 10 metre GIANT duck Quackers will be entering the Brisbane River at Murrarie (approx. 6am) and winding his way to his resting place at Eagle Street Pier (approx. 7:30am). There are lots of vantage points along the river you can get a glimpse of Quackers, see the map below.

Quackers Photo Challenge

Quackers loves being in photos so we're holding a challenge for the quackiest, most creative photo. You can include yourself in the photo and get duck face selfie with Quackers, or just get creative.

Quackers is all over social media and you can enter the competition in a variety of ways:

The best photos will be reposted!


Australia's Biggest Duck Race

It’s a quacking great race that could win one lucky duck a $45,000 car, a $15,000 holiday voucher a $10,000 boat, or a $4,200 travel voucher!

The 4pm show stopper event will see tens of thousands of yellow rubber ducks tipped in to the Brisbane River, turning the water into a sea of yellow as they race along a 100m course in the fight against cancer. First beaks across the line win the above prizes! 


First prize: A Motor Vehicle Valued at $45,000.

Second prize: $15,000 Travel Voucher.

Third prize: A Stessco 389 Squire Boat with 2 Stroke Suzuki Outboard. Valued at $10,000.

Fourth prize: $4,200 Travel Voucher


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